Miss Bikini Philippines 2011 Part 1

5 Apr

So it’s bikini season once again and the contestant’s for this year’s Miss Bikini Philippines went to our gym to do their promotional stuff. Not much lookers for me cos there’s like only 4 or 3 that got my attention. I was able to take some pictures of the girls as I thought this would make an interesting blog entry lol. Pix are crap though as im only using a canon ixus point and shoot =(.

Check out number 7 she's pretty hot in this pix!

The contestants stayed for like an hour or so, and the first part involved them introducing themselves. too bad I wasn’t able to tape them as most of their intros are comedy gold!. There’s one chick that stood out, and that’s number 22. I’m calling her the brontosaurus cos she’s like 8 feet tall WTF!

This chick is pretty hot one of my faves

lol red eyes, I'm calling her cyclops

Brontosaurus Roar!

Check out the curly on the far right, her facial expression is priceless lol!

After the intro there was a brief question and answer portion, I forgot what was asked but some of the answers made me chuckle.

Anyway more pics and videos to be shown on part 2 and 3. Watch out!

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